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For those of you who missed the past week, we held a Little Balloon Caption Contest based on our music video to Little Balloon by Yeah Yeah Creative:

Little Balloon - Official Music Video [HD]

Thank you so much to all who participated in the Little Balloon Caption Contest! Over 80 of you entered captions & hundreds voted! Now to announce the winners!

The first grand-prize winner is the person who received the most "likes" from the fans.

And the winner is...drum roll please...with 311 likes...the marvelous, the talented, the wonderful...

Carly J.!

Carly's winning caption:
“Lost among thorns, twisted and broken. Is this not who we all are until we are led by His light?”

The second grand-prize winner is the person who entered our favorite caption.
And the winner is...applause welcomed...come on now...the extraordinary, the stunning, the inspiring...

Elpidia M.!

Elpidia's winning caption:
"The moment you think about giving up, think of the reason why you held on so long."

Carly J. and Elpidia M. have won a Little Ballon party, which includes cupcakes from our favorite bakery, a Skype concert w/ us, a pack of little red balloons, and an autographed copy of Open Your Doors.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We liked your captions so much that we decided to send the top 5 captions, behind Carly, autographed copies of Open Your Doors!
The winners are...drumroll certainly still appropriate...the outstanding, the popular, the striking…

1. Carrie D. - 223 likes
Caption: "Not all who wander are lost."

2. John H. - 156 likes
Caption: "If any of you are cannibal-loons, please don't eat me!"

3. Kevin W. - 124 likes
Caption: "After three months of feeding at sea, the female little balloon returns to her colony, finding her mate among the hundreds by his vocal call."

4. Jorgeatte R. - 116 likes
Caption: "I used to think how much I longed to experience the outskirts of town. But I don't have to wait anymore. Today is the day. It's time to be free."

5. Keith A. - 93 likes

You can check out all of the captions over at the official Facebook album:

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Download the Little Balloon song for free!

To celebrate the video & contest, we're giving away the album version of the song Little Balloon over at NoiseTrade. You can download it for free here:

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We're playing a few shows this summer!

Friday 6/22 (TONIGHT!) Chattanooga, TN w/ The Vespers:
Thursday, 7/12 Good Day Dallas (TV) - 8:30a
Friday, 7/13 Garland, TX - tickets:
Wednesday, 8/22 Huntsville, AL - tickets:
Thursday, 8/23 Chattanooga, TN - tickets:
Friday, 8/24 Greensboro, NC
Saturday, 8/25 Lexington SC (near Columbia) - tickets:
Sunday, 8/26 Greenwood, SC - tickets:
9/1 & 9/2 LifeLight Music Festival -

Check out the tour page for further details.

Thanks again for participating! Have a wonderful last week of June!
- Jenny & Tyler